Provide an earthworm pack to a vulnerable family to use in their home garden. Since earthworms help break down crop residues and improve the soil structure, families are able to grow vegetables rich in iron and vitamin A.



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ITEM #10550B


  • Rich soil results in increased agricultural productivity and a higher yield of vegetables.
  • The earthworms complement FH’s training in the production of organic fertilizer and helps them grow a more bountiful harvest.
  • When a vulnerable family has access to nutritious vegetables, their health dramatically improves, and children are able to attend school more regularly instead of staying home sick.
  • Families are able to sell extra vegetables in the market for income, which can be used for tuition, medical expenses and other needs.

A Story of True Impact

Frank is a 6-year-old who lives in Guatemala with his mother and younger brother. When Frank’s father passed away, his mother Rutilia struggled to meet the basic needs of her family. She tried to grow a garden and sell the produce in the market, but she was unsuccessful. Both Frank and his brother were not gaining weight as they should. Their mother felt helpless. Then friends like you sent FH into his community to teach sustainable farming practices and the production process for gardening.

Frank’s mother learned how to grow a successful garden from FH staff and now her harvest is thriving. She’s able to feed her family, her children are no longer malnourished and she even has extra vegetables to sell in the market. She’s able to use her income for medical expenses and other household needs. She’s also a volunteer mother in her community and is teaching other families how to make positive changes as well. Frank and his family have a bright hope for their future.