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Middle East Relief

Provide support for those who are fleeing violence by offering them emergency food provisions, shelter and educational services.

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Give kids a comfortable place to sit, write and study with a school desk.

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22x Match

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Through our partners, your donation is matched 22x to meet the desperate health and food needs of the most vulnerable.


Materials, training, travel for a community leader to become trained in church/pastoral leadership.

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All that's needed, including a Bible, for kids to learn more about Jesus.

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Provide audio Bibles to Kenyans who are illiterate.

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Reach a child with a colorful, easy to understand Gospel message.

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$ 12

Put the Word of God in the hands of kids and adults.

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A colorful journey of faith for the little ones!

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Provide skills students can use to earn a living.

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Give kids a comfortable place to sit, write and study with a school desk.

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Employer Match Donations

You could double the impact of your dollars by taking advantage of these common workplace giving programs.

Planned Giving

Help to end poverty with your wills, trusts, business interests, gift annuities, and/or retirement plans.

Donor Advised Funds

Create a lasting legacy, build a culture of generosity within your family, and fund the work of Food for the Hungry around the globe.

Non-Cash Giving

Fundraising does not begin and end with cold hard cash. You could be using your assets to end poverty in the hardest places.